The Master Plan

This 6-months service is designed for those individuals that contemplate change and recognize the benefits of it, however, they overestimate the cost of changing and as a result are on the fence. You need support, motivation and someone to gently guide you through the stages of change thus creating a new habit. You want the confidence needed to sustain change for a more enjoyable life without the hassle of being lectured but guided on your terms through the process.

Your investment includes:
• Six 60 minutes in-person/virtual coaching sessions and assessments where we explore who you were, who you are and where you want to be. Develop a blueprint of achieving your plan by creating SMART goals
• Thirteen/Fourteen 45 minutes bi-weekly reassessment to ensure that goals are being adhered to and what changes need to be made
• Being held accountable for goals and actions to meet the goals outlined in the plan
• Identify small steps that can be taken to reach goals
• Develop a diary for self-monitoring behaviors to identify potential triggers
• Provide resources to strengthen commitment to the behavioral change needed
• Phone and text support
• A private facebook support group to share and get motivational support
• Develop a relapse prevention plan


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