The Blueprint

This 90-days service is designed for those prepared to make the change and ready to take action. You need support, guidance and someone to walk alongside you to ensure confidence in sustained change. The Blueprint service is completely customized to meet your needs while focusing on giving you the energy to stay fully engaged in your life and the confidence to make and sustain change.

Your investment includes:
• Four 60 minutes virtual coaching sessions and assessments where we explore where you are and where you want to be. Develop specific, actionable and manageable goals
• Seven 45 minutes bi-weekly reassessment to ensure that goals are being adhered to and what changes need to be made
• Being held accountable for carrying out goals
• Provide resources to strengthen commitment to the behavioral change needed
• Phone and text support
• A private facebook support group to share and get motivational support
• Develop a relapse prevention plan and 1 weekly check in 


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