FitTai Individualized Services

Not sure if you are ready for the commitment to a plan? We provide individualized services. 

additional services

FitTai Personal Wellness Profile

30-minute assessment and consultation - (if a service plan is purchased within 90 days, this fee will be deducted from your service package)

FitTai Wellness & Fitness Mapping Consultation

90-minute consultation that analyzes your health/wellness/fitness/life goals and creates an actionable plan based on the results. This service is great for someone who feels like they are stuck in a routine and needs a resolution.

FitTai Wellness & Fitness Meal Plan:

60-minute Wellness & Fitness Meal Plan based on the results of your Personal Wellness Profile. This includes understanding meal planning as a lifestyle practice, identifying superfoods you currently consume, and additional ones to meet your needs. Techniques for incorporating holistic and medicinal spices into your meals and access to FitTai Weekly Food Tracker and Recipe ideas.

Pantry Redesign:

60-minute Pantry Redesign services use the results of your Personal Wellness Profile and analyze your current pantry inventory. You will learn techniques to help aid in your Wellness and Fitness journey. Included is an understanding of various techniques and best practices based on your Personal Wellness Profile, pantry inventory, and developing a shopping list to accommodate the redesign.

Pantry Redesign Smart Shopping Add-on

2-hour service that is an added service for the Pantry Redesign only. Smart Shopping is a service where FitTai accompanies you to your local supermarket or farmers market and teaches you smart shopping techniques, how to choose products, and assist with purchasing items from your pantry redesign list.

Build a Plan

We create bespoke plans that can suit your needs (including workshops and events)You think it, we can build it how you want it. Let’s explore the possibilities together.

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