We take the "work" out of creating healthy habits
through community, accountability & bite size education
so you can enjoy the body you are in

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It's not easy managing your health and pursuing your goals

What you need is a health coach to hold you accountable and support you on your journey to better health. Having an health coach that will hold you accountable for your health, can be the difference between dreaming about being healthy vs creating a reality of healthy habits and behaviors that fits your current lifestyle. 

Having a health coach can be the difference between having an attitude of I will get it done when I have time vs I will get it done so I can feel good and more energized to get back to my family and business. 

Now, let’s create new healthy habits

Health Coaching Services

The Foundation

This 6-weeks health coaching service is designed for individuals who have been able to sustain healthy lifestyle changes for some time, but feel stuck, unmotivated and need a resolution.

The Blueprint

This 90-days health coaching service is designed for those prepared to make a change in their diet, exercise , weight management, but need extra accountability and support.

The Master Plan

This 6-months health coaching service is designed for individuals that contemplate change and recognize the benefits making changes to their diet, exercise, weight management, however, they dont know where to start

Health Coach Tai - Fit Tai

Meet Health Coach Tai

Tai is a Dr. Sears Master Certified Health Coach. She provides a safe space to guide clients in discovering how to implement healthy habits in their everyday lives. Together they develop actionable plans and implement behavioral modification to create an inner ‘flow’. She has a Bachelor Degree in Management Studies from the University of the West Indies and works as a Senior Litigation Injury Examiner.

She is a lover of life and a mother. She focuses on bite size education, thought and creation, because in order to change an unhealthy habit you can feel overwhelmed and you need the power to create. 

Would you like to explore ways that we may work to discover your ‘AHA’ moment and create the life you want to live? 

What Our Clients Say

Tai is such a beautiful soul. She is thought provoking and inspirational. Her listening and intutive skills are the ones I most admire. She is an absolute gem to work with.
Thalicia Dillon
Thalicia Dillon-Jackson
Tai is an intuitive person and allows you to figure out what your true needs are in a safe space; which is what truly resonates with me. I highly recommend her as you will learn so much more about yourself as a person and grow phenomenally.
Tai focus is on your mental and emotional state to help you identify and meet your health goals. She lives the mantra that Health begins within, and it's more than just physical or a quick loss of 10lbs.

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